Googling Your Ancestors




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Learn how to use the power of Google to enhance your research and seek out the story of your ancestors.

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For most people Googling means searching a single word or a short phrase. But Google is FAR more than just a search engine. It's a toolbox. It's a worldwide map. It's a translator. A collaboration platform. Google can even search for you while you sleep!
How much of Google do you really use?
Ever used Google Translate to decipher documents in foreign languages? Ever used Google Earth for your ancestor's town, village, or street? Searched the Google Books library? Scoured Google Images for photos connected with your forbears? Discover the range of amazing tools that can add depth and dimension to your research.
How many tools do you know in Google's toolbox?
The real goal of family history research is to go beyond names and dates. To learn about the lives of our ancestors; their struggles, their accomplishments, and the places and times they lived in. Google is powerful, but do you know how to use that power effectively in your research.
Learn how to take your research deeper
Learn how to use Google to find better, more targeted, more accurate search results. Results that really matter.
Get meaningful results
In between the dates on a tombstone is far more than a dash. Google can help you discover the world at the time they lived in.
Bring your research to life
Feel more confident searching with Google, and perhaps teach your grandchildren how to use Google!
Become a Google guru

Unlock the power of Google in your research.

Googling Your Ancestors

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December 2020


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AEST- 7.00 pm QLD ACDT - 7.30 pm SA ACST - 6.30 pm NT AWST - 5.00 pm WA NZDT - 10.00 pm NZ GMT - 9.00 am UK

8:00 pm

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Welcome & Introduction


Have you ever felt that the answers are out there, but you just couldn't find them? In this presentation, Helen will give you insight into unlocking the power of Google's diverse tools, and practical tips to take your research to a new level.



Googling Your Ancestors

Helen Smith


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Break and exhibition





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Googling Your Ancestors

Meet the presenters

Meet the presenter

Learn about our FHDU Online experts.

Helen Smith

Medical, UK
Helen is an internationally recognised speaker and author with interests in medical and social history, DNA and methodology. She researches in Australla, England and across the world.

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