Deciphering Old Photos


Learn how to organise, decipher, and preserve your old photos without being overwhelmed.

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What do you do with a box full of old photos?

We all have albums and boxes of photos passed down to us: and they often just sit there, untouched, for years. You know, as the keeper of the family heirlooms, it's your responsibility to go through them: but you are overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

Struggling to identify the story behind the photo?

Have you ever looked at your old photos and had no idea what's going on? It can be so frustrating. There's no captions or inscriptions on the back, and you're left wondering, "Who's that person? Where are they? What was the date?" You just move on to the next one.

How do you best organise them to share with others?

Photos were not made to live in a drawer, but getting them organised is a big challenge. How can you preserve the story they tell? How can you best share them with others? How do you navigate technology while trying to get them digitised?

Learn the simple steps that will guide you to through sorting out your old photos. You will be surprised how easy it is once you know how.
Get past the overwhelm
A single photograph can unlock a whole family mystery. Knowing what to look for will help you identify key information that fills out the story.
Find hidden clues
Discover everything you need to know to care for your photos, including labelling, printing, digitising, sharing and more.
Preserve the story
Deciphering Old Photos

Turn your old photos into a story you can share.

Event details

Presentation details

Live Event Date
April 2021
AEST - 9.00am - ACT, NSW, QLD TAS, VIC ACST - 8.30am NT, SA AWST - 7.00am WA NZST - 11.00am NZ GMT - 12 midn UK BST - 1.00am - France, Netherlands Friday 23 April in the US PDT - 4.00pm (US) MDT - 5.00pm (US) CDT - 6.00pm (US) EDT - 7.00pm (US)
Start Time
9:00 am
2h 30m
Welcome & Introduction
5 min
A single photograph can unlock a family mystery. The details are in the photographic clues. Pictures document births, deaths, marriages, and more. Use an image as genealogical proof by understanding the language of family photographs.
Family history clues in 19th century photographs
Maureen Taylor
Break and exhibition
10 min
From daguerreotypes to digital imaging dilemmas, this in-depth presentation covers everything a family photographer needs to know about caring for photographs. Topics include printing and sharing digital images, and how to safely label grandparents’ pictures.
8 Steps to organizing and preserving our family photos
Maureen Taylor


Break and exhibition
10 min
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Questions Answered (Recorded)
We ask Helen some of the questions supplied in the live event.

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Meet the presenters

Meet the presenter

Learn about our FHDU Online experts.
Maureen Taylor
Photo Detective
The photo Detective

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