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To book and upcoming event or purchase access to a recording of a past event, visit our events page, select a the event of interest click 'book now' (upcoming events) or "buy" (access to recordings of past events)

This will take you to Kajabi (the platform which hosts our events) which, once you've created an account, you can purchase an event and view it in your library.

How do I book an event?

To book for the events, and also to view your recordings, you'll need to create an account on Kajabi—the platform we use to host all our recordings.

You'll create a Kajabi account when you book for an event. From then on, you'll be able to access your account (login) by clicking 'My Library' in the navigation bar on this website.

How do I create an account?

Great question, we want to make sure you know exactly what to expect.

  1. First up, you should get an email confirming your purchase of the event from Kajabi, with a link for you to login and (after the event is finished) access the recordings.
  2. You should also get an email from zoom, with the link to join the live webinar.
  3. You should also get a reminder email from zoom 1 day before an event, also with the link to join the live webinar.

Be sure to check the spam folder for these emails. If you don't receive any of these emails, please get in touch with us immediately.

What happens once I've booked for an event?

My Account Questions

The times for the webinars in AEST/AEDT - Australian Eastern Standard/Daylight time (Sydney).

A direct query in Google like "7.30pm AEST in Chicago" will give you the time in the city you enter.

There are many time zone converters online. Just one example -

REMEMBER - all presentations are recorded and available for 3 at least months after the live webinar. You are free watch them at anytime to suit you.

What are the session times in my time zone?

All FHDU Online events are initially presented live as Zoom webinars. You will need to sign up to Zoom to join live.

If your time zone is not convenient or you have other commitments at the time, no problem. All presentations, and the Q&A are recorded and available for at least 3 months after.


All FHDU Online events that are initially presented live are also available as recordings for at least 3 months after, whether you pre-book and watch live or not.

Recording are viewable on Kajabi, a platform we use to host all our recordings. Kajabi is also the site you were taken to when you booked (or purchased) initially, so you will already have an account there.

You can access any recordings of past events you have booked for via the My Library menu link on the FHDU Online website.

Where do I watch the presentations?

All events, including Q&A after, are recorded. The recordings will become available a few days after the event.

You will have access to the recording (and related resources) for at least 3 months after. Some are available longer.

If you have pre-booked, you will get an email advising they are available and how to access them.

How long do I have access to an event recording after I purchase?

Zoom Webinars

Please visit this page to help you get started with Zoom.

How do I setup and get started with zoom?

Refunds and Support Questions

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