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Social history
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Dr Janet Few
Social history

Meet the genetic genealogist.

Janet is an experienced family, social and community historian who lectures regularly on these subjects throughout the English-speaking world. She also tutors family history courses for Pharos Teaching and Tutoring www.pharostutors.com.Janet has written numerous articles and books on subjects related to family history and was responsible for editing the most recent edition of the classic handbook FamilyHistorian’s Enquire Within. Recently, Janet has put her research skills to a rather different use and has turned to writing historical novels that are based on real individuals and events.

Janet is particularly interested in encouraging others to place their ancestors in their social and geographical context and is an advocate of one-place studies. Her particular specialisms include the seventeenth century, the history of medicine, migration and the south-west of England.

Working as an historical interpreter, Janet spends time living in the seventeenth century as her alter ego, Mistress Agnes. Her book, Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs: the lives of our seventeenth century ancestors, describes the social history of the period. She is the manager of Swords and Spindles https://swordsandspindles.wordpress.com, a company providing living history presentations for schools, heritage sites, history societies andsocial groups.

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