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Helen Smith

Medical, UK

Meet the genetic genealogist.

I’ve been researching my family since 1986 when Mum lamented the fact she had never known her Grandfather, George Howard Busby. I found some information and a newspaper photo of him, was hooked and have been addicted ever since. As my father was born in England I have had 30+ years experience researching in England and Australia, particularly Queensland with forays into Wales, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, USA and New Zealand.

I am researching the surname Quested anywhere, anytime and have registered the name with the Guild of One-Name Studies and with the Surname Society.

I’ve spoken to a wide variety of audiences nationally (every state/territory in Australia) and internationally including Who Do You Think You Are? Live London,  New Zealand, Canada, USA (FGS and RootsTech) and around New Zealand. She has also spoken on 10 Unlock the Past cruises.

I established HVSresearch in 2011 with lecturing, writing, client research in Queensland and health histories. I also have a part-time position with Unlock the Past in event planning and organising, including in the past, Unlock the Past Genealogy and History cruises.

Along with a full time day job as a Molecular Epidemiologist specialising in Public Health Microbiology, my 30 plusyears experience in this field, has given me a strong interest in infectious diseases and Public Health through the ages.

I have an extensive genealogical reference library (Australian and English resources) and am resident in Brisbane with access to Queensland State Archives, Queensland State Library, Brisbane City Council Archives among others.

Helen is the convenor of the Genealogical Society of Queensland’s DNA SIG.

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